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Can Kombucha help me lose weight?

Across events and markets around Delhi and NCR, when we interacted with people and their preferences regarding weight-loss probiotics, many people were confused with the references that were being made.
Green Tea, Kefir, Beet Kvass, Tea Blend and now Kombucha? Every drink seemed to give a buzz in the head. And rightly so. With so many options to choose from, selecting the “One” can sure be tough.


We have all heard of green tea and black tea, but many get lost at the mention of superfoods or fermented drinks.
To make things a little easier for everyone out there, let us first start with actually highlighting – ‘What Kombucha is?’
Kombucha or ‘booch’, as many call it, is a mystical drink, a fermented concoction that is said to have been around for nearly 2000 years. Although the origins of the same are still being speculated, some say it first appeared in China in 220 BC while others have a different opinion. One thing that researchers are sure of is that it originated somewhere in the vast realms of Asia, just not 100% sure about the actual country of origin (this is concerning multiple sources, online, and through books).
You can also read about ‘How to make Kombucha’ to understand the actual brewing process.
From acting as a great immunity booster to helping in reducing weight, there are a whole lot of benefits that Kombucha offers.
When Cally Silberbauer drank Kombucha for 10 days, she looked at the drink in a whole new light. Even though she may not be a regular drinker anymore but the inclusion of this drink in her weekly diet plan benefited her in astonishing ways. Like Cally, many people around the world, including India, are now acquiring a taste for this ‘tea of life’, to utilize its potent benefits.
If you follow Malaika Arora Khan on Instagram, you can see and read the fashionista sharing her story about sipping on Kombucha tea and its benefits.

How does Kombucha help in reducing weight?

While we take health seriously, many of us are quite unaware of the different nutritional benefits that are attached to many probiotic supplements such as Kombucha. From battling the questions that baffle you ‘what is the ideal time to eat?’ to ‘what should I drink to detoxify?’ to ‘do small meals boost metabolism?’ etc. there is a lot of speculation about the right type of diet plan.
We've tried to showcase potential reasoning that backs how kombucha helps reduce weight.

Benefits similar to green tea 

This highly potent tea blend (Kombucha) is said to be one of the healthiest beverages today. Regular consumption of Kombucha can help in reducing belly fat, burning more calories, and improving cholesterol levels. Just like green and black teas, kombucha is also power-packed with antioxidants.

Aids digestion

If your digestion is good, your overall well-being gets influenced positively. The good ‘bacteria’ in Kombucha helps to stimulate the gut and cleanse the system, thus aiding digestion. Packed with probiotics and B & C vitamins, raw Kombucha is great for the gut and supports in boosting and regulating our internal system, thus helping digestion in a great way.


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Wendy Bazilian, RD, co-author of Eat Clean, Stay Lean, shared her experience about consuming Kombucha tea blend that is loaded with beneficial bacteria. As per her ‘it is packed with phytonutrients and phytochemicals that have antioxidant and antimicrobial properties’.
Eating healthy, along with a healthy dose of Kombucha, is the key to sustainable good health.

Puts a brake on impulsive eating 

Skipping meals has never been a solution to weight loss. Regular workouts, quantified nutrition, regulated eating habits promote weight loss in a far better way. Instead of hurting your blood sugar levels, drink Kombucha to alleviate sugar absorption. The fizzy drink can act as a great energy booster and also prevent you from binge eating, thus reducing your calorie intake (1 cup of kombucha has approx. 30 calories).

Prevents liver dysfunctionalities

The liver plays an integral role in the metabolism of our body. The antioxidant nature of the Kombucha tea blend can prevent your liver from toxins and harmful chemicals. This will bring back normal liver functions and allow your vital organs to function in a better manner.
Flavoured Kombucha tea is now making waves all over the world. From rose flavor to ginger and orange, there is a whole new range of kombucha for sale online. If you are in the States we recommended trying GT’s, Kevita or Health Aid kombucha, The Real Kombucha if you’re in the United Kingdom, Remedy if you’re an Australian citizen. But if you are here in Delhi or NCR, try Dr. Booch. Our brew has been appreciated by a lot of friends from these countries.
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