Apart from your general workout routine and your daily nutritional diet, a very significant part of staying healthy includes your body’s first line of defence- your immune system. 

One of the key sources to strengthen your immune system is through your gut. You care and focus on all your routines, but have you given thoughts to your gut’s health as well? If not, it is high time you start doing so! With almost around 100 trillion microorganisms in your gut, it does way more than just help for digestion- it has the ability to strengthen your immune system, making for a better you. 

At Dr. Booch Kombucha, we present to you why and how your gut health impacts your immunity. By the end of this article, we sincerely hope you take steps towards a happier gut! 


Your immune system can rightly be called your body’s first line of defence as it will protect your body from toxins, viruses known as antigens. These antigens attack your body, triggering an immune response. 

Just like a fire- alarm, your immune system sends an alert to your body, which then produces antibodies, the soldiers of your body who would fight off the antigens, transferring your body back to good health!



Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are beneficial for health and your digestive system. These are commonly considered disease-causing germs. Your body, however, is filled with good and bad bacteria. Probiotics are sometimes referred to as "strong" or "helpful," because they help to make your gut safe, healthy, and clean. In additional products and certain meats, such as yogurt, you can find probiotics. Doctors also recommend helping with digestive issues.

A strong gut will go a long way in helping you keep healthy and physically fit. Exposing your body to diverse bacteria will create flexibility, pliability, and stability for your immune system. Probiotics consist of good living bacteria and yeast, which is helpful for your digestive system. 

Probiotics make up for a large portion of Kombuchas, and hence with the latter up your sleeve, you can bid the harmful bacteria bye-bye! 



"Two key species of friendly bacteria, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, have a number of strains on the human intestines," says Dr. Cresci. Probiotics and prebiotics, though in different ways, both support these helpful bacteria:

Prebiotics are a nutritional source for your gut tract's helpful bacteria. Prebiotics, remain alive in the digestive tract, as our digestive system cannot break them down! They finally hit the colon portion of the healthy good bacteria. The bacteria are split into prebiotics that allows them to develop and flourish.

Prebiotics are compounds that promote the growth of beneficial bacteria; you may think of them as food for your probiotics and good bacteria. Though probiotics are thriving micro-organisms, prebiotics is non-living.



Selecting the best suitable Kombucha for your immune system largely depends on the ingredients present inside. 

Your Kombucha tea should be packed with all the goodness of vitamins and probiotics that will help your immune system. 

Choosing an organic Kombucha ensures two things-

  • They are filled with probiotics for your immune health
  • There is zero inclusion of toxins, preservatives, and pesticides 

An organically fermented effervescent Kombucha is pro-ecosystem and ensures that the ingredients farmed did not hurt or deplete the soil layer and preserve the land and water supply with its production.  A high-quality all-purpose Kombucha like Dr. Booch will utilize all the organic and natural ingredients that will boost up your immune system, leading to a happier and healthier gut! 


One of the main ingredients, tea, is super enriched with healthy antioxidants and powerful herbs, supporting our immune system and helping to protect one against colds, flu, and everyday illnesses. 

The perfect blend of green and black tea adds to this. Green tea is loaded with flavonoids and polyphenols, potent antioxidants. Consuming foods and drinks high in antioxidants give our bodies the defence they need from fighting illnesses—like the common cold—and serious diseases—like cancer!

With our organic Kombucha, your gut will thank you for all the relief you’re providing to it! A happy gut will lead to a healthier you!


Kombucha drinks can help you light up your immune system rocket high and help your gut be healthy. However, using this drink is only one tick across your day. You need to have an overall healthy routine which will, in turn, strengthen your immune system! 

Our gut instincts are always right, so do not miss out on Dr. Booch Kombucha, as we’re always an order away to help you!

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