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Kombucha is as big now as it was when it first blew up in the health and fitness industry. It's fruity, fizzy, sleek, and utterly divine. Kombucha seems to be an ideal addition to a balanced diet because it is high in gut-boosting probiotic strains, but there's a catch! Not every refreshing kombucha that you come across is created equal, and some famous brands aren't even organic, let alone keto-friendly!

At Dr.Booch, we will help you get down to the basics of your kombucha beverage being keto-friendly or not!




The keto diet is a low carbohydrate diet that emphasizes consuming calories from protein and fat instead of carbs. Most importantly, consuming sugar in any form is a big NO! Keto dieters are advised to consume 20-100 grams of net carbs in a day! The keto diet is generally undertaken by people as a short-term plan for quick weight loss and hence they shy away from weight gaining foods like carbohydrates.



Getting down to whether your organic drink is keto or not, it largely depends on the fermentation process and how it is brewed. Coming first to the basics, all the 100% natural kombucha have sugar, as it is needed for tea fermentation. With the help of the magic ingredient SCOBY, the sugar is broken down and consumed. At this stage, Kombucha if left alone, can be added to your keto diets, working like a superfood in your weight loss routine! You need to check and verify with the labels about the sugar content and the sugar form in your Kombucha beverage. If they haven’t gone through the second level of fermentation (adding extra sweetness) then it’s a green signal for you! Your organic drink complements your diet! What could be better than that?


At, Dr. Booch, we only use organic cane sugar which is used up by the yeast and bacteria during the fermentation of the brewed tea. There are no other sugar additives present in your Kombucha, making it a perfect organic soda for Keto dieters to indulge in! We advise you to look for the sugar amount recommended in your diet and later check with our levels to see if you are good to go. At Dr.Booch, we promise you nothing but the best, refreshing Kombucha! Dr.Booch Kombucha are also okay to drink if you’re on a vegan and gluten-free diet as we firmly believe that our health is the only wealth we possess!

Wondering where you would find us? We’re one of the showstoppers when it comes to Kombucha in Delhi! Search for this and you’ll find us waiting for you! Keto, Gluten free, or Vegan, we’re open and here for all!

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