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Just shifted to veganism and are looking for newer, healthier and safer alternatives to animal-derived product drinks? Are you wondering if your Kombucha is vegan? A new way of lifestyle can be difficult, and hence we want to break it down for you on what you should look out for and how to identify if your Kombucha goes along with your veganism!



With the increased popularity, interest and the motto of saving animal life, veganism is not a new concept, but people have lost touch with its fundamentals!

 According to Vegetarian Times, 3.2 per cent of US adults, or 7.3 million people, were vegetarian in 2008, while 0.5 per cent, or 1 million, were vegan. Quick forward since 2018, and the Food Revolution Network says that plant-based lifestyles have increased 600 per cent since then, quoting a survey that revealed that 6% of Americans are now vegan. The healthy trend of turning vegan is definitely in now!


According to Statista, people aged 30 to 49 are more likely to be vegetarian or vegan, accounting for up to 8% and 4% of the population, respectively. People over the age of 50 are significantly less likely to be one of these items.



 Veganism is the practice of indulging only in plant-based diets and excluding all animal-based products such as meat, dairy and even sweet honey from their diet! Firmly believing that the lives of animals are equally important as that of humans, vegans today believe in not exploiting animals for our own consumption needs.



Many people confuse vegetarianism with veganism. Vegetarians include plant-based products as well as dairy and egg products in their diet. The only exclusion in their diet is meat. However, when it comes to vegans, they exclude every animal product and only survive on plant-based.



 Since Kombucha is made using the fermentation of tea with the help of yeast, good bacteria and sugars, it is both vegan and vegetarian! It highly depends on the manufacturer on whether the flavours are added after or before the fermentation process. Hence, we advise you to learn how kombucha are made by different manufacturers and then go ahead with your preferred choice!

 To know if your Kombucha is vegan or not, check the label of your drink before ordering. Many manufacturers label “sweet honey” or “natural sweeteners”. To get a higher and deeper clarity, call the company or check the fuller list of ingredients to be fully aware!

 At. Dr.Booch, we only use organic, natural vegan sugar for our tea fermentation. It is required to feed the yeast and good bacteria for turning the same into your favorite Kombucha!














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