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Fermented foods that should definitely be a part of your diet

Recently people have begun opting for fermented foods not only for their unique and desirable taste, aroma and texture but also for their overall nutritional value. Fermented foods carry additional health benefits in the form of probiotics and prebiotics.

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Mango Mint Cocktail

Kombucha, the dreamlike buzz of the popular health nut, is not going to soon disappear. In fact, our choice for the summer's new favourite cocktail mixer is getting a little more exciting.   WHAT IS KOMBUCHA? Bubbly, fizzy, and full of gut friendly probiotics, Kombucha is a crafted fermented tea drink is often known as ‘The tea of Immortality’ or as we like to call it- ‘The Better Fizz’.  With ingredients like green and black tea hand-plucked from the hilly Meghalaya combining with cane sugar and the magic SCOBY, this organic beverage has numerous gut health benefits. It’s fizzy. It’s better. It beats your average soda drinks. It’s Kombucha!   MANGO MINT COCKTAIL  “Booch” blended with a little with a glass...

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Apart from your general workout routine and your daily nutritional diet, a very significant part of staying healthy includes your body’s first line of defence- your immune system.  One of the key sources to strengthen your immune system is through your gut. You care and focus on all your routines, but have you given thoughts to your gut’s health as well? If not, it is high time you start doing so! With almost around 100 trillion microorganisms in your gut, it does way more than just help for digestion- it has the ability to strengthen your immune system, making for a better you.  At Dr. Booch Kombucha, we present to you why and how your gut health impacts your immunity....

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