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Wondering what goes in your Kombucha?

It all starts with selecting the tea leaves you’d like to make your kombucha with. To ensure that your kombucha is made of superior quality blends, the tea leaves acquired are younger than those in Assam or Darjeeling.

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Ginger Lemon Kombucha Mocktail

Ever wonder what maintains the balance of friendly bacterias in your gut? It’s the magical bio fuel ‘probiotics’ that include the live microorganisms providing all the important health benefits. When consumed they restore the natural balance of the gut bacteria.  Kombuchas is one such form of probiotics that you can consume without ever worrying about your palate. It comes with exciting flavours and varieties. Embodying the freshness and unique squinch of all the raw organic veggies and fruits.  Prepare your own ginger lemon kombucha mocktail to have your gut nourished with the essential probiotics.   Ingredients: 4 mint leaves  (Mint leaves- it amplifies and aids the digestion process) Ginger Kombucha (Ginger- aids digestion, reduces common cold, and helps treat nausea) Fresh...

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