Our Story


Crafting Kombucha 
Each batch of Dr. Booch Kombucha is crafted with utmost precision to provide a 100% authentic and raw experience keeping intact the abundance of health benefits Kombucha has to offer.
Our focus is on brewing the highest quality kombucha with the lowest carbon footprint; the brewing, company operations, packaging & distribution are all designed to have a low impact on the planet.
Our Story
Like all millennials, we were also serial soda drinkers. Pulling off long workweeks seemed impossible without guzzling cans of carbonated drinks. Owing to the adverse health effects of binging on carbonated beverages and increased plastic waste creation in the form of bottles, we started looking for healthier and more sustainable alternatives.
In our quest, we started scavenging the labels of popular fizzy drinks and found that most ingredients were unpronounceable, multisyllabic chemical additives, with negligible natural ingredients. That was the deal-breaker. After extensive research on healthier beverage alternatives, we accidentally came across Kombucha! We were completely smitten by its refreshing taste and high nutritional values and began brewing Kombucha at home, in small batches, and spent the first few months perfecting the fermentation process. We aim to make Kombucha omnipresent, giving people the opportunity to prioritize health, with minimum possible effort.