About Us


We want to nudge towards a society that prioritizes itself and the environment. And practices that best regard the planet and our health.


We are on a mission to make Kombucha a ubiquitous choice for people who want to prioritize their health by cutting down on sugar consumption and adding the goodness of probiotics to their daily diet. 

Our Story

ALike all millennials, we too, were serial soda drinkers. Pulling off long workweeks seemed impossible without guzzling cans of carbonated drinks. Owing to the adverse health effects of binging on carbonated beverages and increased plastic waste creation in the form of bottles, we started looking for healthier and more sustainable alternatives. In our quest, we started rummaging the labels of popular fizzy drinks and found that most ingredients were unpronounceable, multisyllabic chemical additives, with negligible natural ingredients. That was the deal-breaker. After extensive research on healthier beverage alternatives, we happened to stumble across Kombucha! We were smitten by its refreshing taste and high nutritional value and began brewing Kombucha at home, in small batches, and spent the first few months perfecting the fermentation process. We then started experimenting with different flavours and brewing techniques, and during this journey, we ended up drinking Kombucha every day, ourselves. It wasn’t long after we started consuming this miracle drink on a daily basis that we noticed that our bodies were changing for the better. We could see the magic work, and how! Some of us fighting acne and other skin conditions began to experience fewer breakouts, our hair started looking healthier, we stopped facing digestion issues after heavier meals and some of us felt like it was helping us lose weight. This is when we knew that the word about this miraculous product had to get out. While earlier, we were just making Kombucha for our friends and family, we now wanted to share our experience with the world. We noticed that not many people in India knew about Kombucha and many assumed that just because it’s healthy, it must taste bad. So, after 2 years of developing tasty and unique flavours, flavouring them accurately while keeping the benefits intact and of course, standardising our processes to create a viable business, we have set out to make Kombucha an affordable, ubiquitous, and sustainable alternative to unhealthy beverages out there, in order to give people the opportunity to prioritize their health, with minimum possible effort!

The Dr.Booch Difference


Each batch is crafted with utmost precision to provide a 100% authentic experience


 Made using High Quality Meg Tea, Organic Orthodox Black Tea & Green Tea, organic botanicals, fruits and other herbs 


Probiotics promoting good Gut Health which in turn support your body's natural ability to detoxify, restore balance and reduce inflammation


We use premium quality light-weight glass bottles that are practical, reusable and environment-friendly



We rely on fellow businesses, local partners, and community support to grow our effort. As we scale, we’ll continue to place importance on using local relationships to source our tea and herbs, fruits and other ingredients, as well as our bottles and other packaging.


We actively work to reduce our wastes and emissions and use a production system aimed at creating the highest quality Kombuchas with the lowest carbon footprint 


We believe in giving back to society what we take from it. As a means to this end, we continue to design several of our campaigns and collaborations in a way that we donate 5% of our sales proceeds to several Non-Profit Organizations to facilitate the upliftment of our community