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How much Kombucha should I consume?

The Centres for Disease Control recommends that 100-120 ml of kombucha can be safely consumed one to three times a day. It’s best to start out gradually and drink a lot of water during the day. However, a large glass of kombucha a day, is enough to enjoy its benefits.

What is the most suitable time to consume kombucha tea? 

    Kombucha can be consumed anytime. Although, it's better to have it after having something or with the meal itself.

    Can children consume kombucha tea? 

      It is not advisable for children below 10 to drink it. However, it can be consumed by diluting kombucha with a little water or ice to decrease the ph level. 

      Should I be drinking more water while drinking kombucha? 

        Yes, it’s quite important to stay hydrated while you consume kombucha as the water is required to eliminate the toxins and flush them out of the body. 

        Can kombucha be diluted in case if it is too acidic? 

          Yes, Kombucha can be diluted by the addition of natural juice or ice cubes / water but the addition must be done right before consumption. 

          Can I heat the kombucha after its prepared? 

          No, It's not advisable to heat the kombucha tea as heating kills all the probiotics (living bacteria) present in the tea. 

          Can pregnant women have Kombucha? 

            As kombucha contains traces of alcohol, it is not recommended. 


            Brewing related FAQs

            Is it necessary to boil the water? 

              No. In this case, it is necessary to use distilled or purified water to prevent the crop from becoming contaminated. To avoid this, the most convenient way is to boil the water, which also helps facilitate the dissolution of the sugar. Know more about fermenting Kombucha at home. 

              What type of pot can I use to boil the water?

              One can use a metal container to brew tea. But storing SCOBY or Kombucha in a metal or plastic container is not recommended. 


                What's the best container for brewing Kombucha?

                One should avoid using metal and plastic containers for the brewing and storing processes. Metals and plastics may interact and ruin the effects of SCOBY. Glass & ceramics are good options for containers while brewing Kombucha.

                  What effect does the temperature have on the fermentation process?

                    The growth rate of yeast is normally related to temperature. Typically, warmer temperatures help quicken the fermentation process. The ideal temperature range is from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. While most yeast will survive cold temperatures, the growth rate is very slow. Lower temperatures are difficult to handle and make the ferment susceptible to contamination(mould). 

                    How to cover the container in which the fermentation takes place?

                      It’s best to use a clean, thin and tightly-woven piece of fabric or tea towel, and a few tight rubber-bands to keep the cloth in place. The objective is to prevent dust, spores, and insects from entering while allowing the entry of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide generated in the fermentation process. 

                      Can I start fermentation without a "mother" crop?

                        Yes. The whole process might just take a little longer than when using SCOBY. 

                        All one needs to do is add some Kombucha tea for the fermentation process to begin, in place of the SCOBY. You may also use less water, compared to when using the "mother" crop. The fungus "child" will form on the surface of the liquid and you’ll be ready to brew a fresh batch of Kombucha. 

                        What amount of already fermented tea needs to be added to the new process?

                          At least 10% of the total liquid.

                          Can a "child" culture be formed in a tea bottle kept for drinking?

                            Yes, this beverage is alive. As long as sugar remains in the liquid, there can be a “child” culture formed in the drink. This is natural and harmless. 

                            If this bothers you, simply run your kombucha through a sieve or sifter and remove all of your floating objects from the kombucha. 

                            Is it necessary for the fermentation to take place in the dark?

                              No. Although it is important to keep fermenting kombucha out of direct sunlight and away from excessive heat or cold.

                              Once the tea is already fermented, can I save it in the fridge?

                                Once the tea is prepared it should be kept refrigerated in order to slow the fermentation process and retain the taste of the drink.

                                Can I use brown sugar or honey instead of white sugar?

                                  The best results are obtained with refined sulphur less white sugar, jaggery and brown sugar. While raw honey can actually, kill the crop!

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