What Is Kombucha?

Next time you go to your local supermarket for a grocery run, browse a bit and you will eventually find a section packed full of different Kombucha brands. The availability of Kombucha in India clearly states that this fizzy tea has gone popular and is now an important framework for a healthy lifestyle. This is the sole reason why Kombucha is more reachable now to everyone and anyone interested in enjoying the healthy, fizzy probiotic beverage.
This fizzy tea is now part of the latest health trend which the nation is not only following and swearing by it daily. Let's quickly take a look at what is kombucha, the health benefits it offers, and why you should join the Dr.Booch community.

While its exact origin is still uncorroborated, the consensus belief is that Kombucha was invented in Ancient China sometime around 220 B.C. The drink gained its name from its supposed inventor: Doctor Kombu, a Korean doctor who brought the drink to Japan for Emperor Inkyo.
It originated in northeast China about 220 B.C but eventually rolled out to Japan in 414 A.D. as a medicine, and then through trade routes to Russia and eastern Europe.

Kombucha is a naturally fermented, probiotic, fizzy tea. It can be made through many different procedures, but the entire process revolves around four major ingredients: the most important is tea. The second is water and third is sugar and the last but the vital one adding a SCOBY— Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. This concoction ferments for several days and the sugar feeds the yeast and the liquid ferments, resulting in a naturally fizzy drink.
This refreshing beverage is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins B & C, and several other organic acids. It's a probiotic drink that restores the body's natural microbiome and improves overall health. The Dr.Booch community who regularly drinks Kombucha, swear by it!

Each batch of Dr.Booch Kombucha is crafted with utmost precision to provide a 100% authentic and raw experience keeping intact the abundance of health benefits Kombucha has to offer.

The method we use at Dr.Booch brewery is known as "small batch brewing" this means the beverage is crafted in small and independent batches using organic methods of brewing. This also means we don't make it in bulk and store it in large gallons. It is freshly brewed in small artisanal batches of the glass container and left to ferment for a week and the flavoring is done creatively, using special ingredients and producing seasonal and limited stock flavors.

The result is a seasonal, creative, refreshing, and healthy kombucha made with a blend of teas from Meghalaya. Dr.Booch Kombucha has a signature line of flavors namely Ginger, Apple cinnamon, Mango Mint, Blueberry Kaffir, Pineapple Basil, and Rose Rosemary. These flavors are created by brewing in small batches techniques to create the perfect blend of hops flavor and the unique taste of kombucha. Our extensive lineup of seasonal flavors means that there is a flavor of Dr.Booch Kombucha for everyone out there, not just for health enthusiasts. Our focus is on brewing the highest quality kombucha with the lowest carbon footprints.

Dr.Booch is a great alternative to sodas and has the potential to replace it for all good! Before starting with all the surplus benefits Kombucha has to serve its audience, we at Dr.Booch Kombucha believe that kombucha is the perfect alternative for all the sodas in the Indian market and can replace it for better.
Drinking a bottle of Kombucha daily is a great way to curb soda addiction. Much like sodas, Kombucha contains the same great, fizzy taste that many soda lovers crave. However, the main difference between Kombucha and soda is that Kombucha contains far less sugar and tons of health benefits. So, if you're cutting down on the sugar while also trying to end your soda addiction. A daily dose of Dr.Booch daily can be a great way to slowly wean yourself.
Apart from this kombucha has loads of benefits which includes:
• Good Source of Gut friendly Probiotics that builds a healthy and happy gut.
• Contains high amounts of Antioxidants.
• Kombucha helps to protect oneself from cancer, heart diseases and helps fight type 2 diabetes.
• Plus it contains organic acids like acetic, lactic, gluconic, and glucuronic.

Dr.Booch Kombucha is low in sugar and full of beneficial nutrients that aid in the digestive process, improve liver function, boost the immune system, and support body alkalinity. People who drink it regularly have reported feeling increased energy and a general feeling of well-being.


Kombucha is a naturally fermented fizzy drink - which you can have at any time of the day. Many people like Kombucha as their after-meal pick-up drink be it afternoon or night, whereas many people use it like alcohol or mix it with alcohol for a healthy and palatable cocktail. It's all up to you how you like your kombucha to be served! Kombucha can be enjoyed at any time of the day whenever you feel you need it the most.


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