Ginger Kombucha
Ginger Kombucha

Ginger Kombucha

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Come experience the best of both, the spicy and tangy supreme essences of our Ginger Kombucha. An all-round inclusion of sweetness, tanginess, and exoticness of ginger flavor, Dr. Booch’s Ginger Kombucha has an invigorating and brewing tea taste. Filled with probiotics, vitamins, and the healthiest of ingredients for you, Ginger Kombucha is a delight!

Dr.Booch Kombucha is energizing to the core with a bold and smooth taste. Fermented with our kombucha tea culture, our Kombucha has billions of live probiotics, active cultures, and is 100% natural.


Organic Kombucha(Filtered Water, Organic Tea Blend, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Live Culture), and Cold-Pressed Ginger Juice.

A perfect alternative to ginger ale; ginger kombucha can be used for making drinks with a strong punch, having all benefits of ginger, intact!

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