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Pineapple Basil Kombucha

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A Bountiful Blend of Fresh Pineapple With Herbal Basil.

Dr.Booch Kombucha is energizing to the core with a bold and smooth taste. Each batch of Dr.Booch is crafted with utmost precision using high-quality organic tea blends & organic herbs and fruits to offer you raw & authentic kombucha with a difference you can feel.


Organic Kombucha(Filtered Water, Organic Tea Blend, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Live Culture), and Cold-Pressed Pineapple & Basil Juice.

Buy Pineapple Basil Kombucha Online. Locally brewed, Freshly Fermented, filled with probiotics. Boosts Immunity with Gut Healing Kombucha Tea. Low in Sugar. Kombucha in Delhi.