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Scoby For Kombucha

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Brew your own Kombucha with our SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast).

SCOBY is the (not so) secret key ingredient of Kombucha. 

If you are a brewer or would like to try brewing your own kombucha at home, order the SCOBY and get in touch with us through the messenger icon on the right side or call us on +91-7042436774.

Read here for all information on homebrewing your own Kombucha tea. 


Product Description:

  • Fresh and healthy (matured and fed), Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast.
  • For the preparation of up to 4 Litres of Kombucha.
  • SCOBY if dead in transit will be free.
  • A healthy SCOBY sparkles the drink like the stars.
  • Call anytime to clarify the steps. 
  • Packed with starter liquid, required for initiating the brewmance


Ask for a bottle of Raw Kombucha to compare it with your own brew. 

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Dr.Booch Difference

Dr.Booch Kombucha is energizing to the core with a bold and smooth taste. Each batch of Dr.Booch is crafted with utmost precision using high-quality organic tea blends & organic herbs and fruits to offer you raw & authentic kombucha with a difference you can feel.  

Locally brewed, Freshly Fermented, filled with probiotics. Boosts Immunity with Gut Healing Kombucha Tea. Low in Sugar.

Kombucha in Delhi. Check out the Blogs section to know more about Kombucha or Follow us on Instagram


Organic Kombucha(Filtered Water, Organic Tea Blend, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Live Culture), &

How to use

Consume when Chilled.

Keep Refrigerated. Do not shake.


Once the order is placed, we deliver within 2-3 days, but mostly within 24 hours.

We deliver in Pan India.

Return policy

We do accept returns. If you are not satisfied with your order, please reach out to us on whatsapp or give us a call @892018779 7and we will refund or replace your order.



    Kombucha contains millions of Gut- Friendly microorganism which carry out the digestion process in our body.


    The vegan diet is completely plant based. It excludes every and all animal products, including meats, dairy, and even honey.

    Kombucha is a Vegan product.


    Kombucha is rich source of enzymes and bacterial acids that occur naturally in our bodies for detoxing our systems, which reduces the burden on your liver and pancreas.


    As Kombucha is prepared from high grade organic Teas it contains High levels of anti-oxidants which helps you boost immunity and stay healthy.